About Us

About Us

With the simple idea to provide good quality elevators affordable to the common public laid the foundation of Up & Up Elevators. Today Up & Up Elevators is one of the leading manufacturers of elevators in Kerala.

We offer you wide range of lift models, sizes and design choices to meet the needs of architects , contractors and most importantly the lift users themselves. Our elevators are known for their reliability, versatile designs and user friendliness, making them perfect for our homes.

UP & UP aims to make home lifts a natural part of people’s everyday lives. We believe that the definition of a modern home will change that modern homes and contemporary living will include home lifts

Simplicity, quality and innovation are the hallmarks of all UP & UP activities. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve the quality, design and user-friendliness of our products, as well as our environmental impact. We are proud to maintain the highest level of quality in all stages of the process, from design through to final installation in your home



Our lift blends with your home , not the other way around.

Silent Revolution

We want you to enjoy the comfort of the lift day and night.

Auto Rescue Device

In the event of power failure, it allows you to evacuate the lift.

Low Power Consumption

Auto shut-down of the elevator after every 15 seconds of being idle and single phase power requirement help save energy thus reducing carbon footprint of your home.

Small Footprint

No machine room required and minimum space requirement. Our structural elevators are easy to install in new and old homes with minimum civil works.

Customized Interiors

No question is too simple, or too complex for our team of experts. Synergistically synergize Our in-house support staff and service team are here for you 24/7, 365.

Service & Maintenance

Our service team will ensure that your lift is always in good condition so that you and your family can enjoy it for many years to come.

Comfortable Ride

UP & UP elevators are driven by the most advanced high quality energy efficient motors.

Customer Satisfaction

A service unique to UP & UP Elevators is ensuring comprehensive ride comfort testing as standard for all our lift installations.

Why Home Elevators


Increases Property Value

Having a home elevator installed can add significant value to your home, making it a profitable investment. Many prospetive homebuyers today gravitate toward homes featuring elevator access. This is because many buyers are looking to the future where accessibility may become a big deal for them, should their mobility diminish.


Functionality & Convenience

Elevators for home use, in general, can make trips of climbing stairs or moving heavy, bulky items much easier. Those who require greater physical effort to move about their multi-level home will benefit from an elevator the most, simply eliminating much of the average legwork of travelling your home or conveying objects is a benefit any homeowner can enjoy.


Make a Style Statement

Installing an elevator will undoubtedly add an air of sophistication and style to your home. The sheer variety of designs means that there is a look to suit the taste of every homeowner and home décor.

The elevators have long since been viewed as a symbol of luxury, and that holds true today; but with the reduced cost of parts and installation, more people have gained access to home elevators.


Customized Products

As the technology advances and engineers learn more about how to reduce the amount of space required by the elevator and its motor, residential elevators can be designed to take up less space than a stairwell. They can be installed on the exterior of a house to be flush with the wall, or built in such a way as to effectively open up space that was previously unavailable or unused.

The nature and design of residential elevators differ from one to the other. This gives homeowners the freedom to narrow down their options to the one that best suits their needs. One of the most appreciated benefits of owning our residential elevator is the level of customization we offer from flooring and lighting, to size, dimension, and materials used.